Metro News

We love Metro News. Most of the days, you can find a copy of it somewhere around our office and/or factory, and today we are proud to work with them on an exciting and creative new order.

We have our very own screen printing facility, where we can accommodate fast turn around times, while delivering the best in quality and service!

As noted on our website, “our facility is equipped with 3 automatic screen printing machines for large print runs and 3 manual screen printing machines for smaller runs.

Our folding machine masters the “perfect fold”

Our new machine  allows us to print up to 10 colors! We also offer four colour process, simulated process, metallic ink, glow-in-the-dark ink, and a variety of other speciality products. In addition, we can also heat press full-colour transfers onto garments, if you are looking for full colour prints on small runs. ”

Call us today, and lets see how we can work together on your upcoming projects!

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545 King Street West


Back to the ole grind! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Nothing changes much for me on Thanksgiving, except maybe I eat a little bit more, and sleep a little bit more than usual.  I must admit, it is nice to be back to work.

As I mentioned I am new to the blogging world, and my paws are excitedly typing away to tell you all about our cool HAS Marketing products and services.  Have you come to visit me yet?  In case you would like to but can’t find us, we are the lovely double doors located halfway down the shady alleyway at 545 King Street West, in between Brant Street and Portland Street.  Cool area, eh? Woof yeah.

Look for me!

You know it. The building with Cool Hand Luc and Reef Moxie.  Those guys are rad, always petting me and serving me free ice cream (it is a good thing I am not lactose intolerant).   The street is always busy with creative businesses and people… not to mention some sweet looking bitches.  Lunch at Kiwe, spa day at Hammam, meeting at the Spoke, creative development at the Hive, topped up with coffee at Starbucks or Jimmy’s.. King Street has it all, so make a day of it when coming to visit HAS Marketing.  We are located right next to a convenient parking lot, tell ‘em Gordie sent you.

HAS Marketing can definitely service your needs, so come in for a peek.  We do all our printing in house, we have every product from mug to t-shirt, and we don’t overlook any opportunity to help illustrate your brand whatever the occasion might be