NXNE Marks the Beginning of Summer Music and Art Events

For the 19th year in a row, NXNE events will be happening all over Toronto. Events range from musical performances, to art exhibits and films. We love NXNE and look forward to it every year – what can be better than seeing The National performing live, for free, in downtown Toronto?

In the spirit of this awesome collection of cultural events, we wanted to to outline some of the best promotional products to hand out at large cultural events, such as NXNE. Whether you are a sponsor, exhibitor or other stake holder, promotional products are a great way to build emotional connections to your brand.

1. Lanyards
Personalize your event by creating a unique lanyard that features both the name of the festival, and the specific event attended. Lanyards come in an array of colours, and can be custom printed on to your liking. A unique, or limited edition lanyard is sure to catch attendees’ attention, and is more likely to become a keepsake for years to come.

2. Water Bottles
For any outdoor events this summer, there is nothing more useful than a reusable bottle of water. For large public events, hand out bottles with your logo printed on them, and if possible arrange to set up water cooler stations around the event space. Imagine the grateful attendees who will be able to quench their thirst thanks to you?

3. Hand Sanitizer
For many people, events such as NXNE, are an all day excursion, where they travel from one event to the next. A great way to showcase your logo is on a small bottle of hand sanitizer, printed across the label. A must have item when out all day in the city.

There is still time for you to get the promotional products that will help you make this years’ NXNE events the most successful yet. Contact us for information on rush orders, and help figuring out what is the best promotional item for you and your brand.

Have a great week and enjoy the festivities!

PS. NXNE will be happening all over Toronto from June 10th – 16th. For more information visit their website: http://nxne.com/

Products You Want for the Golf Season

The weather is finally settling, and beautiful, sunny days are becoming more of a regular occurrence. An inseparable part of summer is, of course, Golfing. We wanted to share with you some of the top selling items that will help your brand stand out.

1. Polo Shirt
Golf polo shirts nowadays come in a variety of fabrics, fits and colours. From moisture wicking fabrics, to striped and colour blocked designs, polo shirts are an easy way of displaying your company’s logo. Logos can be screen printed, and/or embroidered.

2. Folding Golf Caddy
Whether you fill the caddy with branded products, such as balls and tees, the caddy itself is a great item to have your logo printed on. A useful item that is sure to be used over and over again by the recipient, the caddy has zippered compartments that can hold balls, tees, score cards, and other useful items.

3. Ballmarker Ivy Cap
A unisex item that comes in a variety of colours, and is easily adjustable to any size. Velvety to the touch, and featuring silver snaps, the cap is sure to be a fashionable addition to any game this season. Logos may be screen printed, and/or embroidered.

Using golf related promotional products as giveaways is a great way of emotionally connecting customers to your brand. Ensuring that the products chosen are in fact used and cherished for years to come, is why we’re here. Contact us and we will help you select the best product assortment to fit your needs.

Wish you all the luck in your next game!

June is Safety Awareness Month

Spring is almost over, and all of a sudden we find ourselves immersed in everything summer. Sunscreen is on sale everywhere, the ice-cream truck drives by on a much more regular basis, and the days are getting longer.

With June being just around the corner, comes ‘Safety Awareness Month’. It is meant as a time to educate yourself and those around you about important safety tips. To help you prepare for a successful safety awareness month, we wanted to share some of the top promotional products out there.

1. Safety Vest
the very familiar neon coloured vest with reflective stripes all over it. Imagine your Company’s logo printed in reflective paint on the vest – day or night it will not be missed!

2. First-Aid Kit
A comprehensible kit filled with all the important basic items; bandaids, gauze, and many other useful things! Ranging in size from travelling to personal, all kits are a perfect canvas to have your company’s logo printed on them.

3. Flash
An item that will always come in handy, whether you keep one in your home, office or car. Have your logo printed on the flashlight, to showcase your company’s commitment to your employees’ safety.

These are only a few of the many promotional products available to make your safety month meaningful. Contact us for any more ideas, and we will be happy to help you come up with the best product assortment for you.

have a happy and safe summer!!

What Colour Would Define Summer?

After too many months of short days, and long, cold nights, mother nature finally got tired of it all and brought spring upon us. All of a sudden trees and greenery are trying to make up for lost time, and marathons and charity walks are part of the regular weekend routine.

Of course Summer is only around the corner (It’s almost June!), and along with marathons and charity events, come corporate summer BBQ’s and team building sporting events. To help stand out in a sea of promotional merchandise we highly recommend using bright, primary colours. Colours that perhaps represent your company’s logo, or simply a bright background to for your logo to be printed on.

Colour is always an important element of any design, and this is especially true for promotional products. So make sure to use some fun, bright colours this summer season for your upcoming corporate event. We are always here to help you pick out what fits your needs best, and this of course pertains not only to colour, but also to what kinds of product might suit your needs best.

And seriously, let us know what colour you think represents the summer season and why. You can connect with us via twitter (@hasmarketing) and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hasmarketing?ref=hl

Have a happy and safe summer!

Springing Forward into Fundraising Season

Spring is finally here, and with it come exciting fundraising events. Community and corporate BBq’s, picnics, bike-a-thons and run/walk-a-thons are all great opportunities to fundraise.

Finding sponsorship and participants can be a challenge, but with the right promotional product company providing you with quality solutions, it can be a breeze – and that’s where we come in.

First, look at putting together registration kits with information on the cause, as well as a cause branded item as a ‘Thank You’ gift. In addition, provide items like awareness bands or buttons, for participants and volunteers to give to people willing to ‘donate’ to the cause.

Third, be sure to identify your volunteers – whether it’s a brightly coloured T-shirt, vest, or hat; it is important that they ‘stand out’ in the crowd to answer questions and direct people. A wearable item should be made available to all the participants, as a commemorative item, as well as a way to identify with the group during the event.

And don’t forget to offer your sponsors the chance to include their logo on some of the promotional items, especially
the participants’ T-shirts.

The right promotional products can help elevate an event, and make it a memorable experience for all involved.