Promo Product of the Day

With our resources and creative team, we can make most ideas come to life and ensure that your promo product stands out at your next event or around the office place.

From buttons to screen printing, our ideas are limitless and we are always working to bring you something innovative and unique.

Product of the Day: Bandanna Map

A bandanna is a perfect way to creatively print on a surface that is large enough to make for easy reading and there is ample room for sponsors logos. A bandanna won’t be ruined when wet, and will likely dry into its original shape. Also, made from cloth, the bandanna is impossible to rip or tear- confirming long term use.

There are many creative ways you could use your bandanna:

- For an event, mapping out the location, and various check points

- Add a QR code for scanning and allowing for attendee’s to easily find your company’s website or social media platforms

- Another location to showcase sponsors and companies involved

- Great way to illustrate company branding and logo

We can make this bandanna with all of your specifics, and within a quick turnaround time. Stay tuned for regular profiles on Promo Idea of the Day, giving you more ways to think outside of the box everyday!

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