Promo on the Street

It’s that time again!  H.A.S. Marketing has hit the street, and found the promotional items that grace our neighbours, clients and ourselves.. daily!

Are you looking to brand your company, event or campaign? Call us today and we can come up with a creative project that will turn heads!

Winners wins!

Check it out! Tweet us @hasmarketing if you come across someone in promo favourites, and the best picture will be posted on our facebook, on our blog, and credited! (Who knows, you could win something too…)


Promo on the Street

To continue with our weekly Promo on the Streets series, we scoured the local neighborhood and found some favourites to share with you!  As noted, there isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t walk by someone wearing some kind of promo merchandise or branding… it is what makes the world run!  And so, this series is our little weekly reminder!

Now, come and have a visit, and lets see what we at H.A.S can do for your Company, your next event or even your personal branding.  With our onsite manufacturing capabilities, timelines are never a concern. We embrace tight deadlines, and ensure our clients walk away… happy, satisfied and smiling!

Come visit us at 545 King Street (down the alleyway, look for Gordie, woof!) today!

Yours truly, Gordie. Woof!

Magnetic Book Marks

Hold the page with style and branding!  Bookmark your pages, document, daytimers, and favourite reads with an innovative magnetic bookmark branded with your logo, company colours and special messages!

Recently our team at H.A.S Marketing was able to turn around 1000 magnetic bookmarks for a junior mining company listed on the Toronto Stock exchange, for a special event, on an extremely tight deadline.  Our in house manufacturing capabilities allowed us to respond and execute at the very last minute.

The client found us online, and used our website to pick the right product for their event. We took it from there and with a few modifications by our Graphic department, the digital proof was rendered in a couple hours. The final product produced the next morning.

Once again, an illustration of our ability to work under tight deadlines, satisfy the client, and gain a repeat and valued customer.

Check us out. We can create added value for your upcoming event, product launch, client appreciation, or in house marketing projects.