On the go…

Whatta face, i mean... wristband.

It has been a busy month leading into the New Year, and we are enjoying it!  Hope you are having a lovely kickstart to 2012, and we look forward to meeting with you soon!

We just wrapped up a big project for a Canadian Wealth Management firm that contained high-end invitations, fancy luncheon menu’s printed on special vellum and mailing envelopes.  It was a great project to work on, and we were able to turn around the materials in an impressive amount of time, resulting in a happy client and a happy Gordie.

As you can see, I am sporting the cool new items we recently produced for our client, who will be running for President of the Liberal Party.  See… there is nothing we can’t do.  Move over Lance Armstrong.

Call us today to discuss what promotional and marketing materials we can provide for your company and/or events that will best illustrate your branding and values.

Have a great rainy Tuesday!

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Happy New Year

Hi all!

We are back in the office and ready to rock 2012!  Have you planned out your resolutions yet?  I have:

-  Ask out the striking yellow Lab on the 3rd floor, I know she checks out my tail when I go for my walk

-  Try to work a full work day with out crashing for an hour under Jason’s desk

- Stop trying on all the t-shirts in the back… even thought they are so cute! (Like me)

- Visit Doggy Playland… I hear it is the new nightclub for single pups

Anyway, I hope we are both successful in our New Years goals, but most importantly I am confident we can work together to achieve your professional goals by providing the best in quality and service.

See you soon! Contact us or come by for a consultation.  We can definitely vamp up your booth at the next trade show, and/or work with you on upcoming creative projects.