We have your back.

Not-for profits

We support your charitable efforts, and would like to be your point of reference when it comes to planning the little details that make your event stand above the rest.  We have worked on many major fundraising events nationally, and can provide custom branded clothing, fleece, jackets, vests, caps, technical gear and dri-fit options to outfit your staff at events and showcase your generous sponsors.

The people who need to stand out, can and will with the right branding and logo’s on desirable sourced merchandise.  Lets set up a call, and decide what works best for your charitable event.  Don’t sweat the small stuff… we will… trust us, we have towels on hand (oh, those can be branded too).

Gordie to the Rescue

In many ways, H.A.S. Marketing can come to the rescue; we are used to all the last minute, quick fixes and short deadlines, in fact, we embrace them.  At H.A.S, we know that not every detail works out just as planned, but we prepare for them.  We can take you last minute needs, and turn them into flawless details in your otherwise perfect upcoming event.

We have experience in big national experiential marketing programs and campaigns that require branded wear-ables, and we can both source them, brand them and deliver them just in time for your hectic deadlines.  You can trust in us for these short-lead times.

Call us today, and lets talk through what it is you need for your upcoming event: from branded wear-ables, custom leave behinds and promotion of your next event

New kid on the block

As if coming to see our amazing printing machines, that turn out tons of stunningly artistic pieces each day for happy clients isn’t enough… there is now more reason to come to visit us at H.A.S.  Not that I am particularly fond of sharing the spotlight… My new bro just arrived.  Yeah, he’s cute.. he is a puppy… but will he measure up to all of my greatness.

I will tell you one thing though, the minute he is old enough, he will be put to work.  With all the orders coming in for the holidays and as deep into next year as Spring, we can sure use the help.

A few things to remember this week:

Our Facebook contest is still a-blaze… so be sure to refer your friends to our FB page, have them like it and comment on our wall telling us that YOU sent them. Then you can be eligible to win a comfy sweatshirt with your own brand, logo or design.

The Holiday season is coming up, and times ticking on what to get your valued clients, come check out our suppliers list, what we can offer and how we can brand your memorable gift.

Spring isn’t so far away, time to get cracking on those orders for any program involving summer registrations, or even fall promotions 2012.

Need business cards, calendars, buttons or media walls for events?  We got you.  Call us for inquiries.



(long day at the office… time for a snooze)

Hoodies and Your Design

We bring, we screen, we source your desirables.

At H.A.S., we can find you all your promotional needs at the best prices on the market.  That fuzzy warm sweatshirt for the gusting winds during December you wish to give your employees, call us and we can have in a very short turnaround time.

Our various pre-press, digital and screen printing equipment are top grade, high- quality, and will be most effective in illustrating your branding, event details, or creative design on your new sweatshirts or promotional gifts.

At H.A.S., we have an on-site silk screen printing facility, that is well-known as the city’s fastest and most cost effective source for custom screen printed t-shirts and apparel.

For over 40 years we have been exceeding clients expectations, and delivering the best in screen printed T-Shirts and other apparel, so come by soon to see what we can do for you!  Our have a tour of our printing facility!

We have both the technical expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to realize your vision and deliver the quality you wish for every client.

Our long history in the trade has been successful in developing and establishing exceptional relationships with the best wholesale and brand-name apparel manufacturers and distributors both in Canada, and internationally.  We can offer wholesale prices on American Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Gildan, Hanes, Alstyle apparel, Fruit of the Loom and many more clothing manufactures.

Lets discuss your screen printing and custom apparel needs.  At HAS, we are constantly working on nationwide screen printing and distribution campaigns for some of the largest corporations and charities in Canada.



The Next Intern Could Be You!

Did you know we were looking for an intern?  Well, we are!  And it could be you!  For the next few weeks we require a tech savvy intern to come in, sit with Gordie and work on a few upcoming, exciting and creative projects here at H.A.S.

We are flexible with schedules, and we probably won’t send you on too many coffee runs.. this I can’t promise.  But, we do require a smart, witty, dog-loving, tech friendly, computer nerd to come in and join our forces at H.A.S.

Call, email, tweet or stop on in and ask us more details!