Poetry Magnets

What is a poetry magnet?  Well, you might not be Edgar Allan Poe, but you can have a cute scramble of magnetized words to create sentences and phrases on your dry erase board, fridge, computer screens, etc.  They are a cute way to creatively jazz up your setting with motivational words, team building phrases or important principles around the office.

We just finished up a big order for a major hotel chain, and we may have them on all our own refrigerators at home.  Be as cheeky as you want with the words, just be careful the hands (or paws) you put them in.  What seemed like such a perfect natural collection of words can turn into a very Freudian mistake.

The Magnet Process

Our poetry magnets are printed in full color on our high-end Canon production printing presses. They are assembled on 20-point magnet stock and can be cut into any shape and size imaginable. There are 3 stock die cut configurations for Poetry magnets; but custom die cut configurations can be produced, as well.  Each magnet is individually cello wrapped.

Woof, yeah.

At HAS, we also produce a full line of custom shaped magnet products, to continue in offering you endless options to make sure your magnet is best suited to your needs.

Poetry magnets have been all the rage, but other options can be:

Magnetic Business Card Note Pads

Magnetic Photo Frames

Magnetic Memo Boards

Frequently Called Number Magnets

Magnetic Bookmark

Magnetic Leave Behinds

Our options are endless.

See you soon!







Happy Monday

Here I am, workin’ away after a busy weekend. And when I say busy… I mean woofin’ busy!

We had a short deadline to turn around 10 000 mini food flags for our friends at Sobey’s, and we woofing did it.

We love challenges over here at HAS Marketing, and will work diligently with our valued client to turn out their creative projects even on the tightest of deadlines.

At HAS Marketing we are old school, in that everything we do is in-house and on site, as oppose to shipping to either ends of the planet.  We do all of our own screen printing, printing, diecutting, laminating, magnet production, notepads, even the toothpick flags we just made, condoms (woof! woof!) in house, and with our creative team on board we can work on any designs you might have in mind.



Come for a tour

We take pride in the projects we have worked on, continue to work on and the creative ones to come.  While lying across a desk today, I saw one super comfortable looking sweatshirt and went to rest my head on it.  Uncool to my owner, but to me, it was better than a duvet.  At HAS Marketing we source only the best quality swag for branding.

Whatever the project, large or small, we put in our attention to detail and creative minds up against.  We were swamped in the later half of the summer preparing for campus Frosh weeks, wish I could’ve went to get my drink on, my owner only gives me water- when I long for Molson…. Ahhh college years, those were the days… Now I lie across desks comparing sweatshirts to duvets.  Anyway…

We jazzed up tons of shirts and caps for Frosh week for various Universities and various faculties, to help promote camaraderie and pride.

Earlier this year we did an attention gathering button and card combination for a residence to help promote residence code of conduct.

Often, we source and design the giveaways at product launches, tradeshows, golf tournaments and charity events.  For last summers’ Words charity event in support of Literature for Life, we donated all the printing and were proud to be a part of an event that drew out 600 people and raised $21, 000!

We have dressed and branded various sports house leagues, as well as the neighbour next door… he told me his team was good, so I spoke with my owner.  Now we do the whole league! Guess he was happy, maybe I can score another sweatshirt to sleep on.

Need your business cards and press materials sourced and printed… yep, we are your people!

Need a step and repeat for an upcoming event.. yep, us again!

Your team tired of skating around half naked, yep, we source, cloth and design your apparel right down to the hats, bags, buttons and calendars.

A real estate agent looking for cool leave behinds for clients or perspective clients, yo.. us again!

I might be a dog, but I am a smart dog hanging over here with the HAS Marketing folks.  Come by for a tour!



Hockey Season! Gordie is a Leaf fan (obviously!)

Hockey season is in full swing (thankfully!), and when you are setting up your own teams make sure you have the right jersey’s reflecting your brand or your sponsors!

At HAS, we can provide you amazing branded options for all your needs! Uniforms, sports and travel bags, headware, sports jerseys and mugs, lanyards, buttons, t-shirts, custom bottled water.

Be sure to check out our suppliers page: http://www.hasmarketing.ca/Suppliers

When you think creative, leave behind or spotlight on your brand… think HAS Marketing and be sure to come in for a consultation!



545 King Street West


Back to the ole grind! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Nothing changes much for me on Thanksgiving, except maybe I eat a little bit more, and sleep a little bit more than usual.  I must admit, it is nice to be back to work.

As I mentioned I am new to the blogging world, and my paws are excitedly typing away to tell you all about our cool HAS Marketing products and services.  Have you come to visit me yet?  In case you would like to but can’t find us, we are the lovely double doors located halfway down the shady alleyway at 545 King Street West, in between Brant Street and Portland Street.  Cool area, eh? Woof yeah.

Look for me!

You know it. The building with Cool Hand Luc and Reef Moxie.  Those guys are rad, always petting me and serving me free ice cream (it is a good thing I am not lactose intolerant).   The street is always busy with creative businesses and people… not to mention some sweet looking bitches.  Lunch at Kiwe, spa day at Hammam, meeting at the Spoke, creative development at the Hive, topped up with coffee at Starbucks or Jimmy’s.. King Street has it all, so make a day of it when coming to visit HAS Marketing.  We are located right next to a convenient parking lot, tell ‘em Gordie sent you.

HAS Marketing can definitely service your needs, so come in for a peek.  We do all our printing in house, we have every product from mug to t-shirt, and we don’t overlook any opportunity to help illustrate your brand whatever the occasion might be